Merchant Technologies provides literally hundreds of reporting options throughout each software module of Prism. These options address virtually every customer, large or small, single store or chains, independents or publicly-held corporations.

Prism's reports, of which samples are listed below, allow the user to define as broadly or drill down as specifically, as they wish. Since all data is transmitted on a real-time basis, you can view reports of activity from as recently as this morning or as historically as over 8 years ago.

For customers who wish to design their own reports, Prism provides a fully compliant ODBC data bridge which allows for data export to report writers.

With Prism, there is no need to batch or post data, you simply run your report at the touch of a key. Also, you have the option of printing reports or viewing them on-screen.

All reports allow you to view data by store, by region, individually or cumulatively chain-wide. You may view detail down to a color/size/width combination, by style, or by vendor reference number. Or, you may wish to simply report on a department, class and/or vendor. In short, you define the report you wish to view. We provide the templates that are pertinent to virtually all retailers and you go from there!

Of course, a large component of the unlimited training we provide, at no charge for each new customer, involves reporting. So, don't worry. We will assist you as much as you need so that you are comfortable accessing this information independently!

Reporting Features Reporting Features
ustomer History Reports Customer History Reports
Physical Inventory Reports Physical Inventory Reports
Point of Sale Reports Point of Sale Reports
Purchasing Reports Purchasing Reports
Merchandising Reports Merchandising Reports
All System Features All System Features

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