Why Merchant Technologies Retail Systems

It's More Than Making A Retail Systems Sale
We are looking for new long-term relationships, not to simply make a sale.

This is not listed as our first item randomly. We live and breathe this every single day.

Purchasing a solution to operate your business can be a daunting proposition. There are many questions to ask when evaluating point of sale software, questions you may not think to ask, uneasiness in visualizing how an application will truly perform in your environment and insecurity of how new software will be received by staff and customers.

Highest Customer Retention Rate in the Retail Systems Industry
Merchant Technologies not only boasts the highest customer retention rate in the industry, but we also have the highest employee retention rates in the point of sale industry. We have had only 2 employees voluntarily leave Merchant Technologies since our inception in 1985. The benefit to you is a solid support team, well versed in both retail operations and Prism.

Since 1985, with over 3000 stores are utilizing Prism, Merchant Technologies has never had a customer replace our software. Our only disclaimer is simply that we have had a few customers that were bought out by larger retailers who replaced us with the buyer's existing system.

Our Philosophy
Providing software to the right prospective customer is enjoyable and profitable for Merchant Technologies. Often, our customers grow and expand their needs. Additionally, we derive a considerable amount of new business from customers who refer us to their colleagues who need new solutions.

Conversely, selling the wrong customer a retail system is a very expensive proposition. Poorly matched customers would only create stress on our employees and tax our resources.

We want to be as confident, if not more confident than you, in our ability to provide a system that will exceed your needs and expectations.

Your best interests are our best interests. It simply makes no business sense for us to try to fit a square peg into a round hole. We promise to let you know up-front of any situations that we may envision resulting from a less than perfect match of our software to your business. We may be able to provide a very simple solution or workaround. Or, if the situation is not easy to resolve within our software, we may suggest alternative applications to you that may be more appropriate.

The Most Stable And Reliable Solution In The Market
Bottom Line: With the possible exception being a hardware failure, which is beyond our control, you will experience virtually zero downtime with Prism.

Other companies may say this, but our customers will tell you first hand, the only time we have had any failures has been due to events beyond our control. Floods, power outages, lightening strikes, etc., have been the causes of our system being non-operational.

You can rely on your data. Data integrity, the absence of corrupted data, is another hallmark of our system. Rarely, if ever, will you encounter a moment in the years of utilizing our systems when you will have to reboot, rebuild or clean up corrupted data files. It simply does not happen.

Real Time Information
Merchant Technologies utilizes state-of-the-art technology to provide the retailer with up to the minute accurate information of all aspects of their operation.

Historically, the downside of real time information involved Internet connection failures, which resulted in your store systems being inoperable.

With Prism, if your connection is down, it's no problem. The processor at the store level will allow your clerks to keep ringing sales. When the connection returns, the data is automatically and transparently transmitted, without any human intervention.

Bottom Line: With Prism you can view same day sales reports, re-stock stores and process special orders the same day and e-mail stores of transfers on the way. Gift card balances are instantly updated at all stores and end-of -day polling is eliminated since information is transmitted constantly throughout our entire retail system.

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