Founded: 1985
Headquarters: Wilmington, NC
Branch Offices: Nashville, Salisbury, Orange Beach
Brand Name: Prism
Reseller or Direct Sales: Direct Sales only

Founded in 1985, Merchant Technologies is America's leader in providing comprehensive retail systems to the specialty retailer. Merchant Technologies designs, develops, markets, consults, trains, installs and services retailers with one to 100+ stores.

Our suite of products provides a total retail solution for point of sale, inventory control, order entry, e-commerce, purchasing, distribution, allocation, warehousing, credit card/debit card processing, gift cards, merchandising, financial interfaces to virtually all G/L packages, reporting.

Prism offers a real-time solution. This provides the offices and stores with up-to-the-minute accurate information about transactions, inventory, customers and employees at all locations.

POS solutions for the Retail POS Industry